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Take a look at the SEO content services I offer to find the perfect fit.



Blog Articles

Looking for a weekly or monthly blog writer? Or maybe you need a batch of new content to launch your website? 



SEO Website Copywriting

Done-for-you website copywriting with a powerful SEO strategy behind every word to help you get the traffic and the business you want.

    Creative Copywriting

    From quick copy edits to press releases and other pieces of content, all of your miscellaneous copywriting bases are covered.


      SEO Website Copywriting 

      This is for you if: 

      • Simply put: you need someone to write the content for your website
      • Your website isn’t SEO optimized so you’re missing out on a LOT of business and traffic
      • Your existing website needs a major copy overhaul…or just some tweaks!
      • You’re launching a new website and you have no idea how to write web pages that tell your story and promote your business
      • Your current web copy doesn’t feel like “you”

      Included in all website copy packages:  

      • Powerful website copy crafted to drive traffic to your site and get your audience to take action
      • 500 words of entirely original content for each page you choose
      • Competitive research so we can find out how you can stand out from the crowd in the best way
      • Extensive keyword research to be used as part of a comprehensive SEO strategy
      • SEO meta and title tags for each page
      • Triple (at least!) checked content free of errors and with the most accurate, up to date information about your business 

      Your investment in website copywriting for your business starts at just $1500 for a comprehensive website with up to 20 pages. Custom prices are available for basic websites. Please reach out to find out more!  

      SEO Blog Writing 

      This is for you if: 

      • You’re overwhelmed with writing your own blog posts so it’s time to hire a freelance blogger (an expert one!)
      • Your blog isn’t getting enough (or any!) traffic
      • You want to launch your website with live blog posts
      • You want blog posts done for you so you can get back to running your business and doing what you do best
      • You’ve heard of SEO but have no idea how to create SEO-friendly blog posts to drive traffic to your site
      • You want a steady stream of new blog content prepared for you

      SEO Strategy for Blogs 

      Before I begin working with a client who wants blogging services, I get to know their company and their goals. From there, I can create an SEO strategy (including a carefully researched keyword list!) to implement throughout their blogs to make sure they’re showing up on search engines and getting the traffic they need for success. 

      Included in all blog writing packages: 

      • Thoughtfully created content that speaks to your brand and gets the results you’re looking for
      • Each post is 800-1000 words, unless otherwise discussed
      • An SEO-friendly title and meta description
      • SEO content created based on your specific keywords
      • Inbound and outbound links
      • Strategic use of headings (H2, H3, H4, etc.)
      • At least one image
      • Meticulous proofreading and editing 

      Choose from:  

      • 1 blog per month
      • Biweekly blogs
      • Weekly blogs

      Looking for a one-time blog or more than four a month? Awesome! Let’s talk about it. 

      Your investment starts at just $95 per 1000 word blog (most clients opt for 4 blogs per month), complete with SEO optimization, keyword research, internal and external links, and meta description.


      Creative Copywriting Services

      This is for you if:

      • You have miscellaneous copywriting or copy editing jobs you need done, including newsletters, proofreading, or other content not listed
      • You need press releases for your business to announce a new location, new services or products, or other exciting changes
      • You need a killer email sequence to build your brand or launch a campaign
      • You’re ready to come up with an impressive content strategy and streamline your messaging across your website, blogs, social media, etc.

      Your SEO content is right around the corner.